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To understand how this kindness movement started, read the books written by founder Joe Ferrer. Mailbox Money and Journey to the 5th tell the story we all need to hear in a quick fictional book that is sure to entertain and motivate you.

The legendary "Golden Mailbox" holds the secrets to a lifelong stream of wealth. In order to open the Golden Mailbox and learn about "Mailbox Money" the young Salesman must take the journey of a lifetime with his Mentor to unlock the four disciplines that will forever change his life, his business, and the way he looks at money. Go along with the Salesman and his Mentor as they journey across the world to discover the four disciplines. Along the way, as you apply the disciplines shared in this book, you may find that Mailbox Money is attainable and more real than ever. Are you ready for your Mailbox Money? Let the journey begin...

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Signed by the Author

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