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Giving Over Receiving

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Do you believe giving is better than receiving? If so, we challenge you to take up the torch, invest in this movement and start the conversation. Portions of proceeds go towards Mailbox Money Community Foundation, but the people who buy it aren’t just donating to a charity. People who buy this shirt are committed to kindness and spreading the word. This shirt helps them lead the way - set the example - and recruit their tribe to kindness. People who buy this shirt truly believe in Giving Over Receiving and they aren’t afraid to light the torch and show us all the way.

Amplify your giving with each purchase! Portions of proceeds goes towards giving more golden envelopes and random acts of kindness by Mailbox Money Community Foundation. This is the Giver’s Lifestyle brand where fashion makes a difference.

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  • Eco-Friendly: Polyester fiber made from recycled content including plastic bottles. Compared to virgin fiber, our recycled poly consumes less petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy.
  • Unisex Fit
  • 8 oz., 30% recycled cotton, 30% cotton & 40%rpet (recycled) polyester 
  • Pre-laundered for reduced shrinkage

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