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Official 6.5 x 6.5 (large) Gold Mailbox Money Envelopes.


One million acts of kindness. That’s our goal and each Golden Envelope given represents one act of kindness.

Join the global movement to keep kindness going. We're on a mission to reach one million acts of kindness - one act per envelope. Join the cause by giving away your own act of kindness with your own envelope.

 #GoldenEnvelope someone unsuspecting with your purchase. Leave an envelope somewhere for someone to find, give it to a random person or come up with a creative way to give it away. It's easy - just get started. 

A portion of proceeds of all sales goes to Mailbox Money Community Foundation who will continue giving MORE  golden envelopes to unsuspecting people. 
This product does not qualify for a discount.

Our Envelope Guidelines:  

Rule # 1 Be creative in how you want to give!  

Rule # 2 Make sure the person you give to is unaware of their impending blessing!  Even if you know them, it should be a complete surprise,  so it should not be on a birthday or any other event they may expect something special. 

Rule# 3 Fill out your gold envelope and GIVE.  As they say rinse, wash and repeat! 

One million envelopes.  What impact could that have on our society not only now, but generationally? Generosity and Kindness are traits that can be passed down. Let's do our part! 

  • Made from Recycled Content. Fully Recyclable and Biodegradable
  • Made with 100% Wind Power,Carbon Neutral Impact  
  • Made in the USA

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