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Journey to the 5th - Signed Copy


Book Journey to the 5th
To understand how this kindness movement started, read the books written by founder, Joe Ferrer. Mailbox Money and Journey to the 5th tell the story we all need to hear in a quick fictional book that is sure to entertain and motivate you.

In Journey to the Fifth, the sequel to the best-selling book, Mailbox Money, we find the Salesman having to make a tough decision that could change the trajectory of his life.
Since learning the first four disciplines and the concept of Mailbox Money, he has
obtained success, more clients than he could imagine, and a significant level of wealth!

When his Mentor asks him to join her on the trip of a lifetime to search for the rumored
Fifth Discipline - he is torn. Leave work where everything is going well, or search for a
discipline no one has heard of for years? Will he risk it all and join his Mentor, Veeola,
Coach, and the Pilot?

Or, will he forfeit the chance for what is already in his grasp? Choices define our lives,
and how we choose can impact us and many others. What will the Salesman decide?
Find out in Journey to the Fifth.

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